The Duchess: Everday's Make-Up Day!:

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I’ve not been one for make-up, as I figured if I wear make-up everyday what will I wear when go out! But working in a job where you’re the first person people see when they walk in the door, and acne slightly changed it for me. As you know I have been working on the acne thing over the last few weeks, so it isn’t just a matter of masking the problem, it’s more a case of feeling comfortable with my appearance while im working on it!

Mac Select Foundation

So Originally before I went natural and began lurking forums, I used to use Mac Select SPF 15 Foundation in NC50.

This worked well but after having it for 4 years and only being half way through the bottle I didn’t fancy continuing using it, that and the fact that i got caught up in the mineral makeup hype. ( a very good hype to be in might i add)
So i began a very short mission to find a lovely mineral make up, I wasnt particularly adventurous and went back to Mac and noticed they had a mineral range. “Hmm” I thought. I went in and had a consultation, even managed to bag a free sample. (Had no idea i could get one, in all the times I been into a mac store in the UK they’ve never given me one!) I got the liquid form again (Mineralize Satin Finish) in NC50, but i found it very heavy and shiny. I was expecting the shine as that’s practically what it said on the pack but not the heavy gunky feel. Another thing i noted was how different the colours are. Both NC50, but the mineralize version is much, much darker.

Mac Mineralize SPF 15 Compact

So the other day i went back in and asked about the compact version of the mineralize foundation. The Assistant told me its was very oily and recommended only for dry skin, but i rooted myself in her make up chair and proved her wrong with my combination – oily skin! It’s much lighter (in my opinion) than its liquid sibling, and somewhat more matt too. It comes with a sponge in its bottom compartment, but as we all know, sponges are the make up antichrist. (even the assistant told me that as she was applying it – although she could have just been trying to get me to buy brushes…)

So as of Monday i have been lightly brushing this over my cheeks and forehead (where the blemishes hang out) It is quite light so I don’t need to plaster it all over my face, you could say I’m using it as a concealer. I then go over my face with Mary Kay’s loose mineral powder  in bronze 1. This alone makes me look like I’ve seen a ghost, but coupled with Mac Mineralize foundation it gives the perfect balance. I dust this loosely all over my face then I’m good to go! (it is a very sparse dusting of powder, I only load the brush once)


The Duke and Duchess Get Fit!

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My grandmother once told me my magical metabolism wouldnt last forever, and as wrong as i hoped she was, she wasnt! I have always wanted to be a size 12 (i was a size 8, now i’m a 12 a long last) as i wanted the curves that go along with it. Unfortunately, i have contracted a number of ‘other’ curves that i dont really want.

So, instead of moaning and frumping about it, I’m going to do something about it instead!


What is this mixture of numbers and letters? I hear you squeal, well the best summary i could find was:

“It’s a workout/nutrition program deigned to get people into seriously great shape in the first 90 days.

It combines multiple strength training DVDs, interval training, cardio, yoga/stretching, plyometrics, and abs/core.

What’s great about it, is that is has modifications built into all the exercises for people who are not in that good of shape and need to start slowly. For people who are in good to very good shape, it provides a fast paced, intense workout that keeps them pushing themselves.”

So, um, yeah… pray for me! As i just know im going to end up ina  world of hurt!

The Duchess And Natures Cure

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Like many, many unfortunate folks, i suffer from adult acne. Mine particularly flares up just before my period and sticks around for about 3 weeks (I’m sure you can imagine my frustration…)

Natures Cure is a goody that you wont be able to find on the shelves in the U.K, but as i was in the states a few weeks ago i took the chance to buy a box. I bought The women’s version in Wal-Mart for $8.00 which i think is a great deal (well so far I’m happy with the results, so i can say that :P)

Natures Cure: 2 part Acne Treatment

Natures Cure is a two-part acne treatment, which consists of a vanishing cream and pill. The pill has to be taken twice a day (labeled a.m and p.m on the blister packs), and the cream 1-2 times a day (can be quite drying to some so every other day is acceptable as well)

So far it seems to be doing ok, it eliminated the breakout i was suffering (gradually) but as for long-term effects i’ll fine out soon. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and i am pretty happy with it. I am expecting my monthly break out next week so will update u when that comes around!

The Duchess And Her Mane. Pt. 8

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Ok So I’m officially in the third month of the big chop (yay me!). Thought now would be a good time to do a little update s to how things are going. I’ve ditched the transitioning styles and I’m loving the ease of the TWA! I read an article the other day on naturally and apparently (according to said article) I no longer have a TWA, I, in fact have “a small afro” lol.
Notable changes are I now use coconut oil on my hair, forum junkies seem to rate highly of it, I’ve been using it for a few weeks will note any changes. The bottle says it has a natural sweet smell, but I think it smells like burnt coconut hairs… not to my liking at ALL! The things we do for beauty!
Along side my Aphogee conditioner I have started to use Aussie Miracle hair Insurance Conditioner.

Aussie: Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner

I don’t like the smell its kind of sickly but it either disappears or I get used to it once its dry anyway, makes my hair feel good so that’s all that counts really 🙂

I Went on holiday to Florida earlier this month and had an amazing time, I also got to buy some hair goodies that I cant buy in the shops over here. Namely the KCCC (Kinky Curly Curling Custard) trio – Come Clean, Knot Today and Curling Custard.

These smell absolutely fantastic! Now its probably jus me not having enough time to dedicate to use it properly, but it didn’t really work for me. The BF kept complaining of my hair looking grey. I think I was going to cautiously with the COME CLEAN and not fully getting all of the previous oils out. And also the curls/coils weren’t doing what they’re supposed to after conditioner and gel, again, maybe because I wasn’t doing my hair section my section (it’s only like 2 inches long!) I was kinda just spreading it lightly over all my hair, then kinda massaging it through, as that’s what I’d seen on a video tutorial (¬_¬) But that being said, I used it on my 2 yr old cousins hair (he has mixed parentage) and it came out lovely. Guess I got to just take my time and do it to get fair results. Gah, there aren’t enough hours in the day!

The Duchess And Her Mane. Pt.7

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(Mar 2010)

So  I Went for a shape up the other day,  and now the hair is even shorter.  But at least it is somewhat shapelier. I hate what she has done with my hair-line though, It’s all… rounded… she shaved off my side burns and widows peak TT_TT so i think i look really strange… gonna be a while before i give up the protective/transitional styles!

Right so the BF has seen the hair, day 1 was silence, then I think he must have gotten pretty used to it. Apparently I look like a pixie. (my 5ft 7 frame is obviously that of a pixie!)

The Duchess And Her Mane. Pt. 6

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(Mar 2010)

So had the rest of that big chop last night. The chop consisted of reverting my hair with a water spray bottle, then chopping off the random spriggly ends with scissors.

I wasn’t very impressed with the spiky tufts left by the scissors so I had my mum go get the clippers, attach a No 8 comb to it (1 inch) then rake it over my in head, in the fashion one can only describe as mowing a lawn. When she was done and satisfied with her creation, I was pleased that my head resembled that of a microphone fresh from the box – well done mum!

Currently wearing a protective style, much to the confusion of my work colleagues as I was sporting a Diana Ross afro for the last two weeks and now I have this slick bone straight instant weave in.

The Duchess And Her Mane Pt.5

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(Mar 2010)

Dramas, dramas. Ah forget the protective style, I’m just going to rock that TWA! I will pload some before and after pictures up soon. I’m also sure I’ll have to accessorize and have and beautify my eyes to help enhance the features my TWA brings out. When I get the chance I guess I’ll put up some pics of that too.

I love wearing makeup, but only tend to wear it on rare occasions, so I’m getting kind of excited about it all lol.