The Duchess: Everday's Make-Up Day!:

I’ve not been one for make-up, as I figured if I wear make-up everyday what will I wear when go out! But working in a job where you’re the first person people see when they walk in the door, and acne slightly changed it for me. As you know I have been working on the acne thing over the last few weeks, so it isn’t just a matter of masking the problem, it’s more a case of feeling comfortable with my appearance while im working on it!

Mac Select Foundation

So Originally before I went natural and began lurking forums, I used to use Mac Select SPF 15 Foundation in NC50.

This worked well but after having it for 4 years and only being half way through the bottle I didn’t fancy continuing using it, that and the fact that i got caught up in the mineral makeup hype. ( a very good hype to be in might i add)
So i began a very short mission to find a lovely mineral make up, I wasnt particularly adventurous and went back to Mac and noticed they had a mineral range. “Hmm” I thought. I went in and had a consultation, even managed to bag a free sample. (Had no idea i could get one, in all the times I been into a mac store in the UK they’ve never given me one!) I got the liquid form again (Mineralize Satin Finish) in NC50, but i found it very heavy and shiny. I was expecting the shine as that’s practically what it said on the pack but not the heavy gunky feel. Another thing i noted was how different the colours are. Both NC50, but the mineralize version is much, much darker.

Mac Mineralize SPF 15 Compact

So the other day i went back in and asked about the compact version of the mineralize foundation. The Assistant told me its was very oily and recommended only for dry skin, but i rooted myself in her make up chair and proved her wrong with my combination – oily skin! It’s much lighter (in my opinion) than its liquid sibling, and somewhat more matt too. It comes with a sponge in its bottom compartment, but as we all know, sponges are the make up antichrist. (even the assistant told me that as she was applying it – although she could have just been trying to get me to buy brushes…)

So as of Monday i have been lightly brushing this over my cheeks and forehead (where the blemishes hang out) It is quite light so I don’t need to plaster it all over my face, you could say I’m using it as a concealer. I then go over my face with Mary Kay’s loose mineral powder  in bronze 1. This alone makes me look like I’ve seen a ghost, but coupled with Mac Mineralize foundation it gives the perfect balance. I dust this loosely all over my face then I’m good to go! (it is a very sparse dusting of powder, I only load the brush once)


~ by shesaidandhesaid on June 30, 2010.

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